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Hi friends! 

  Salty Air Open Market: 2014

Salty Air Open Market: 2014

It was a wonderful Christmas and New Year season followed by a very busy month of February so far. It's been such fun to bake valentine treats for you and your sweethearts this month right alongside hiding the *baby* in all those King Cakes! 

2017 was a fantastic year for Beach Town. We increased the number of storefront retail locations offering our baked goods, opened for weekend business at our own retail location inside the Salty Air Open Market in Cedar Point, and began regular countrywide shipping of many of our products.  It has been a year of great growth, learning, and deepened connection to our customer base. We have all of YOU to thank. The encouragement and support shown through your patronage of the coffee shops and health food stores we supplied, the rainy and alternately cold or oppressively hot days that you refused to let keep you away from our Salty Air Open Market location, and your frequent repeat website orders all combined to make a banner year for the bakery. So thank you all!

  Salty Air Open Market: 2017

Salty Air Open Market: 2017

As 2018 gets off to this running start, we are making some changes. One of them is the streamlining of our product offerings and retail locations. When we began this journey only four years ago as a small batch bakery, it was always our intention to remain as such. Our products are created with ingredients not always easily found on our local grocery store shelves or hauled in via tractor trailer cross country by large food distributors. We seek to use as many local ingredients as possible, responsibly sourced, and mostly organic. When we do need to source ingredients from outside our local region, much time is devoted to finding trusted producers whose products are always labeled as having been batch tested for gluten and are free of as many of the top allergens as possible.

Keeping the bakery small batch offers the baker (me!) the best opportunities for focusing on details & freshness. You may ask why we don't just hire others to do some of the work, and that is a very reasonable inquiry. In dealing with my own food intolerances, I've come to a broader understanding of how necessary attention to detail of ingredients, baking environment & technique is in creating safe, enjoyable food for all of us. It's not a job I'm comfortable delegating to anyone else at this time. Control freak?! Maybe! 

One of our primary goals as a business has been to provide gluten-free treats so good that you don't miss the wheat; accomplishing this has brought a customer base that includes many non-allergen sensitive folks, for whom we are grateful and proud to serve. With that said, our overall objective hasn't changed. We are still an always gluten-free, allergen-friendly special order bakery that caters primarily to those with food allergies, intolerances, and preferences that are best fulfilled outside of a traditional bakery.  

There you have some background, which will hopefully help you understand these changes as we continue into this new year:

  • We have decided not to return to the Salty Air Open Market this spring. Our online ordering has picked up to the point that it requires all of my attention, leaving little time to devote to the larger batch baking the market was demanding. This was SUCH a difficult decision! As you know, Becky Humphrey and her market have played a large role in our bakery since its inception.  Before there was a website, business cards, word of mouth, coffee shops or health food stores, we stepped out to sell our products under a little tent at her Salty Air Open Market. The first weekend we were there, she was at our table purchasing desserts for her family. During the years we were not out at the market she was purchasing our products to share with all of you market shoppers. She has been and continues to be a constant encouragement of our efforts and we are forever grateful. Thanks to Becky's generosity, website orders can still be picked up at the market with prior arrangements. This last year has been one of the best years ever, professionally and personally, due to the folks that comprise the market. Each person involved—owner, management, staff, vendors, and shoppers—have become family. So this is a bittersweet but necessary decision. I'll still be at the market often, enjoying it from a different angle - SHOPPER! :-) 
  • We are doubling down on our efforts to ensure our customers a safe treating experience when they are purchasing our bakes from other retail storefronts. We are limiting our wholesaling only to resale customers agreeing to be transparent about their sourcing. Bakeries, coffee shops, and health food stores carrying our product will have clear shelf labeling noting our products are different than their gluten-filled counterparts in the same location. Not sure if it's a Beach Town Bakery treat? Ask! These trusted retailers will be sure to let you know if a product has come from our certified kitchen. Frequently check the website to keep updated on the retail locations offering our products. 
  • We are currently working on updating our online shop to reflect your most requested products. Offering a smaller menu will help keep costs down, and we can pass that savings on to you.  As this streamlined menu gets under way, if you don't see your favorite product in our online store, its as easy as shooting us a message with your request. We are happy to fulfill your gluten-free dreams to the best of our ability! Our cinnamon rolls & new artisan pizza crusts will soon be available in ready-to-bake-at-home forms. This will offer you the ability to enjoy freshly baked hot cinnamon rolls and simple top-and-bake authentic crust pizzas in your own kitchen, any time you like!

Keep an eye on the website and our social media accounts for when these products and other specialty items will be available. We thank you for your support of our small business throughout 2017 and look forward to continuing to serve you in 2018!